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So, why are regular equipment inspections so important?

With every business relying on its equipment to be safe at all times, ensuring it undergoes regular inspections by an experienced team is absolutely critical. Whether you’re working with lifting, height safety, fall arrest, or arc flash equipment, ensuring they are in safe working order needs to be your number one priority.

Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal has vast industry experience conducting inspections to standards and manufacturers specifications, to ensure your essential equipment complies and will keep your workers safe. With our team having the ability to inspect a huge array of equipment types to identify potential issues that may affect its integrity and safety, we can confirm that it is in working order and fit for its purpose.

Ensure Your Equipment is Safe

As equipment inspections are often dictated by various legislative and product standards, ensuring your business abides by these rules is the best way to keep your workers safe. We are far more than just testing, inspection, and calibration experts – we are compliance experts. 

By conducting thorough inspections of your equipment, you can quickly identify hazards and deficiencies that could develop into much larger issues at a later date, and cause you to fail compliance audits, and even get people hurt or killed. 

Our inspectors assess the safety of many different types of equipment. Ranging from pole platforms to fall arrest equipment like harnesses and karabiners, we ensure your team has complete faith in its tools. Plus, we also determine the working condition of lifting equipment, such as slings, davit arms, and pulleys, alongside the performance of Arc flash clothing and face protection. We know what condition your equipment needs to be in to remain compliant. 

Reduce Costs and Downtime

Although safety and risk assessment is the clear priority for equipment inspections, completing this process offers numerous other benefits for your business. As our specialist team reviews your equipment, we’ll give the heads-up on when your equipment is due for withdrawal from service or close to being in an unsafe state. This means you can quickly repair and replace your tools ahead of time, ensuring your projects and jobs are never halted by unexpected equipment failures, out-of-date inspections, or other compliance issues.

This is especially important for businesses that rely on niche equipment that could take days or weeks to repair or order new from a supplier (who often don’t carry stock). But with our inspection service, and paying close attention to the test reports from each visit – you’ll have the chance to acquire vital spare parts or purchase replacement equipment to save invaluable time, money, and effort.

Choose Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal

For all your testing and calibration needs, look no further than Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal. Founded in 2009, our fully accredited and highly trained technicians have unmatched experience in the industry. If you have questions or want to book our services, contact our friendly team for more information.

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