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A torque wrench may seem like a simple tool, but it’s still very important that it remains accurate. Calibration is the most effective way to ensure your tools and equipment are performing to their ideal standards. At Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal, we provide calibration services to clients across Australia and New Zealand; from Sydney to Melbourne and every other major city.

It is recommended you perform a torque wrench calibration a minimum of once per year. It can be beneficial to perform calibrations more often than this, especially if you use your torque wrench frequently. When you book torque wrench calibration services with Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal, we’ll keep a record of our last visit and send reminders when your equipment is next due. 

Why Outsource Your Calibration?

While it is entirely possible to perform calibrations on your own tools, it will not reach the standards of our expert technicians. Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal are one of Australia and New Zealand’s most reputable calibration companies, whether it’s for a torque wrench or a multimeter. We perform multiple measurements during calibration to ensure that our results are entirely accurate before submitting them to you. We are accredited to multiple international and national standards, such as ISI7025 (NATA), ISO 9001:2015 and AS/NSZ4801:200. Our calibration, high voltage testing and inspection services are all performed to some of the highest standards within our industry. With a reputable, accredited calibration and testing company at your disposal, you’ll be able to worry less about compliance and safety.

Book Onsite Services in Australia & NZ – from Melbourne to Sydney & More

Whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney or anywhere else Australia-wide; our technicians are available for onsite torque wrench calibration services. We also provide expert calibrations to companies throughout New Zealand.

For more information or to book your equipment in, please visit our Online Booking page, email us, or call us. Australia: 1300 662 119. New Zealand: 0800 123 682.