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For businesses that rely upon complex equipment that requires regular testing and calibration, it might be tempting to do this work yourself. But unless you have the proper specialised staff and highly accurate and expensive equipment in place to complete the job at an expert-level, you run the risk of mis-calibrating your company’s vital equipment. 

With Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal having the skills to run both on-site and laboratory-based testing and calibration, working with our professional team ensures your equipment remains safe, accurate and compliant at all times. Here are some of the main reasons why your business should outsource its testing and calibration needs.

Affordable Services

There are many reasons why outsourced testing and calibration is far more affordable than the in-house alternative. Although we make our work look simple, there is an array of specialised tools and training in place to make it happen. With the highly technical equipment needed to calibrate instruments, gauges and metres of all descriptions costing hundreds of thousands to acquire, outsourcing simply makes sense for the vast majority of companies.

Understand Standards and Regulations

Proper testing and calibration involves much more than just getting an accurate reading. In fact, you also have to consider the plethora of local laws and industry regulations that govern safety standards around potentially harmful equipment, not to mention equipment accuracies, and then there’s the science of metrology and calculation of uncertainties to wrap your head around. 

Meanwhile, companies may face legal or insurance-related issues if miscalibrated equipment leads to injury, death or property damage. By outsourcing to an expert testing and calibration team, you can have complete confidence that your equipment meets all legal and manufacturer requirements.

Minimises Downtime

Downtime is something that all businesses want to avoid. But when you try to organise your testing and calibration in-house, you’re most likely taking workers away from their usual role only for them to do a subpar job. If you choose to outsource to a specialised testing and calibration company like Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal, we lead the job from start-to-finish so your workers can focus on more important things. Meanwhile, our equipment inspections are bound to catch potential weak points before they lead to a failure. We also manage your assets due dates for you and our system reminds you when assets are due again.

Contact Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal

Launched in 2009, Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal has been at the top of the industry ever since. Backed by a highly experienced team of accredited technicians, we ensure that commercial and industrial businesses of all shapes and sizes have safe and accurate equipment. To find out more or to book an appointment, get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team. 

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