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Mobile Test’ n’ Cal work across several industries. Getting to intimately know each of these industries is the key to being able to offer the best possible service.

We have worked closely with many Utility and Electrical Supply Industry (ESI) businesses for several years, continually tweaking our service to ensure it is the best fit. And we feel like we’ve nailed it. For one of our largest ESI clients, we have been able to increase efficiency by 30% while reducing costs by 50%. Here are a few ways we have done this:

Forward Planning
Utility and ESI businesses generally have lots of equipment, with asset’s due dates spread throughout the year. At Mobile Test n Cal we have a full list of all our client’s asset and when they are due. Using this information, we work with our clients to see where we can increase efficiency. This may be by grouping assets testing together or offering multi-visit schedules planned well in advance. 

Visit Planning
Our Service Coordinators work with our site contacts to ensure we schedule according to their needs. We can send multiple technicians all on one day to get the job completed more quickly. Or we can send one technician over multiple days so our clients can rotate their equipment. We can also organise testing and calibrations outside of your normal working hours for critical equipment to avoid any downtime.

As well as training our technicians in the technical aspects of testing and calibration, we also train them in the best way to manage jobs when onsite. This includes how best to group asset types to reduce downtime and meet our customers’ requirements. 

Asset Management Portal
We offer all clients a complete end-to-end compliance and asset management solution. We create a register of all your assets which you access online 24/7. We also barcode each asset for easy tracking, and give you a full list of test results following our service. This ensures you can easily track when your items are next due and have access to all test results whenever you need them. 

The above efficiencies mean we can offer the most competitive pricing, ensuring further cost savings for our clients in any industry, but especially the Utility and ESI industry. 

If you are in the Utility or ESI sectors and would like to discuss how we increase efficiency and savings for you, give us a call in Australia on 1300 662 199 or New Zealand on 0800 123 682.

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