PepsicoWe have been dealing with the staff at Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal since August 2012. We had been using another third party company to do all of our electrical meter tests and calibrations, checking our LVR Kits, rubber mats and our electrical fibreglass ladders. This was always a nightmare to organise as we needed to have the contractor pick up the equipment or deliver it to them so that the testing and calibrating could be performed at their facility. It always had to be done over multiple days as we needed to keep some equipment onsite for breakdown purposes. This created quite a large amount of work and was time consuming to plan and organise. It was mentioned that there was this company that came to you so I looked into it and spoke to Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal. The thought of not having to remove the equipment from site was a major drawcard so we ended up giving them a go. We have not looked back since that first round of testing. The team at Mobile Test ’n’ Cal have always been very professional, courteous and above all, very easy to work with. You pretty much set them up and leave them to it so it makes the whole process seamless and easy. I would be happy to recommend Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal to any business requiring any of the range of services that they provide.

Mitch, Pepsi,