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We are pleased to announce that we now service the Mt. Isa region every three months through our partnership with Haymans Electrical – Mt Isa.

The regular presence of our experienced, technician, Wayne Wicks, ensures that customers in the area are able to maintain the highest level of compliance. In addition to this, we work with a very comprehensive and efficient team at Haymans Electrical to provide you with the best, local testing and calibration service in the industry.

From his fully-equipped mobile van, Wayne will have the capacity to test, calibrate and inspect the following equipment onsite;

HV Testing Services:

  • Insulated Gloves
  • Insulated Mats
  • Insulated Tools
  • Insulated Torque Wrenches
  • Rescue Kits
  • Hot Sticks / Fuse Pullers
  • Tiger Tails
  • Portable Earthing Devices
  • Elevated Working Platforms
  • Dielectric Oils

Calibration Services:

  • Electrical Instruments (RCD Testers, Insulation Testers, Multimeters, Clamp Meters, PAT Testers, Multifunction Testers, Voltage Testers, Relay Test Sets, Scope Meters, Process Meters, Power Quality Analysers, Milliohm Meters, Hi Pot / VLF Testers, Injection Test Sets, Battery Testers, Decade / Self Check Boxes, Loop Testers)
  • Temperature Instruments (IR Guns, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Probes, Thermocouples, Dry Wells, Blackbodys)
  • Pressure Gauges, Instruments and Calibrators (Fluid and Gas)
  • Light Instruments (Lux Meters)
  • Air Speed, Flow and Pressure Instruments (Anemometers, Flow Hoods, Flow and Pressure Meters)
  • Torque Tools (Screwdrivers, Wrenches)
  • RPM Instruments (Tachometers)
  • Size Instruments (Vernier Calipers, Micrometres, Depth Gauges, Feeler Gauges, Paint Thickness Gauges and Digital Measurement Tools)
  • Humidity Instruments (Meters)
  • Strain and Force (Hand and Hydraulic Crimpers, Force Gauges, Load Cells)
  • Vibration Instruments (Testers and Analysers)
  • Sound Instruments (Decibel Meters)
  • Weight Instruments (Scales and Weights)
  • Gas Instruments (Gas Monitors, Sensors, Detectors and Instruments)

Inspection Services:

  • Ladders
  • Pole Platforms
  • Harnesses
  • Lanyards
  • Pole Straps
  • Davit Arms
  • Slings
  • Chains
  • Block and Tackle
  • Arc Flash Clothing and Face Protection

The next trip to the Mt. Isa region is scheduled for the week beginning 15th May 2017.

Contact Rob Schroeter or Steven Potter from Haymans Electrical – Mt. Isa on (07) 4743 0233 or [email protected] to secure a booking or as always, please feel free to contact the Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal head office directly on (07) 3282 0007 or [email protected]

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