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Do you ever get to the end of a busy day and wonder if you’ve actually got anything done at all? You’ve barely had time to stop for a coffee yet the to-do list is just as, if not more, full than before the day started.

Time management is not the most enticing topic to think about, but it is a principle that can not only positively affect the success of your business but a skill that can be drawn on in all facets of life.  If you can learn to manage yours and your employees time effectively, productivity levels have the potential to soar.


It is important for your business to have a central place for noting down appointments, bookings and other notes so that it is known what is going on and when. A virtual calendar works well for this purpose. If you find it hard to be disciplined with time throughout the day, schedule specific tasks with an objective. So for example, make an appointment in your calendar from 9am-11am to ‘Follow up all accounts receivables’.  Recognizing a specific time restraint for a particular task can you keep you from being distracted or overwhelmed. However always allow for leniency. Factor in a spare half hour here or there to allow for small distractions or changes of plan. This way you won’t feel overwhelmed with stress and unproductiveness when little things pop up.


It can be very easy to get caught up and waste too much time on simple admin tasks when there are bigger, more time sensitive tasks at hand. Determine in your office a list of priorities from responding to a customer’s request towards the top to washing the dishes in the communal sink, towards the bottom. At the beginning of the day, it might even be helpful to construct a plan with your schedule and priorities in mind. Identify the objectives for the day and be disciplined and intentional with your time thereafter.

Time management often comes down to a commitment to small changes over a long period of time. They say a habit becomes a habit once it happens around 18 times, once it has started; it is much harder to break. Cultivate a time management habit and watch as your days go from disappearing to fulfilling. If you have any other time management ideas, tips or tricks, leave us a comment or message us on our facebook page;

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