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Dimensional equipment is designed to provide accurate measurements, but over time all tools are susceptible to ageing. With a combination of proper care and regular calibration, your tools should last a very long time. Here are three common dimensional equipment pieces and how best to care for them.

Vernier Calipers

Vernier calipers are a precise tool useful for measuring linear dimensions, including round objects. They are fairly simple to maintain, especially if they are used often. To prevent rust, it is recommended to wipe your Vernier calipers with a small drop of oil. When not in use they should be stored in a cool, dry place and many come with their own case at purchase. At all times they should be kept out of sunlight and high temperatures as this could lead to thermal expansion, damaging the instrument. It’s also best to avoid exposure to magnetic areas.


If you require a smaller measurement than Vernier calipers can provide, a micrometer is another very precise measurement tool. A manual micrometer can measure at distances of 0.01mm while a digital micrometer can measure to 0.001mm. Whether it’s a manual or digital micrometer, it’s always best to store your micrometer with a gap between the measuring faces. Constant contact between these two surfaces may lead to chips or scratches which can affect the accuracy of the instrument. Metal tools should be wiped down with a small amount of oil to avoid rust and all micrometers should be stored in their appropriate case when not in use.

Feeler Gauges

A feeler gauge is a set of metal blades at difference thicknesses which fold into one for storage purposes. It is important that you always close the blades when not in use to prevent the smaller or thinner blades from becoming bent. After many uses or high friction applications, it is possible for the blades to gouge. Gouging refers to surface scratches or wearing that gradually becomes grooves. You should check the blades regularly for gouging and replace any that are showing signs.

Calibrate All Your Tools Regularly for Best Results

The most effective way to ensure your measuring instruments are providing accurate results is through calibration. Calibration is much more than running tests. It is the process of comparing an instrument to a widely recognised standard more than once to ensure the results are correct. At Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal we are accredited with multiple national and international standards to perform high voltage testing, calibrations and inspections. We provide onsite solutions to many industries and are one of Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted calibration companies. Get in touch with our team in Australia on 1300 662 119 or in New Zealand on 0800 123 682 to find out more.

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