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The minimum standard is to calibrate at least once a year, but is that truly enough? We look into how often you should calibrate a torque wrench and the factors that influence this frequency.

Minimum requirements

The international standard for hand torque tools (ISO 6789-1:2017) specifies that you should calibrate every 5000 uses or 12 months. The Australia Standard which works in conjunction with this standard is AS 4115-1993. It’s important to note that these are the minimum requirements. Depending on how you use the tool – frequency and environment – you should calibrate sooner. Most professionals would recommend calibrating every 2500-3000 uses, or every 6 months. Below we’ll describe three common reasons that may cause you to calibrate sooner.

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Temperature & weather

Perfect use for most tools is in mild temperatures and dry conditions (laboratory conditions), in which case the minimum calibration requirements are likely adequate. However, extreme temperatures (heat/cold) and moisture (rain/humidity) can greatly affect your tools. If they’re subjected to variable temperatures or you work outdoors often, you should consider calibrating more often as the repeated expansion and contraction from temperature changes is likely to cause drift.

Overloading your wrench

It’s not common – or recommended – but at times your torque wrench may work above its maximum capacity. If you overload by more than 25% then you should recalibrate your tool as soon as possible.

If you drop it

Accidents happen – it’s what you do afterwards that counts. There may not be any visible damage, but a dropped torque wrench is going to be affected by the sudden hit. Be sure to calibrate your tool as soon as possible after any unexpected force such as a drop.

Why should you calibrate frequently?

Aside from the increased accuracy of your torque wrench, calibrating more frequently establishes a history of performance. The more often you calibrate, the better your records of normal measurements. If you have a clear idea of what is a normal range, then you can clearly see spikes or dips in measurements, helping you identify and track any quality control related issues. 

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