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With the increase in the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Australia, Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal is implementing a number of safeguards to ensure we can continue to safely offer our services to our customers and to ensure minimal impact on your business operations. 

Hygiene Precautions

All staff have been made aware of the importance of increased hygiene precautions including the regular washing of hands, regular sanitisation of work areas and customer equipment, and also minimising unnecessary contact. 

Minimal Onsite Contact / Social Distancing

We are able to offer our onsite services with little to no human contact with your employees to adhere to ‘social distancing’ recommendations should this be a requirement for your organisation. If your site or business would like to minimise human contact, we ask that you place all equipment in an easy-to-access area for our technicians prior to their arrival, and clear instruction be given on equipment location and suitable parking and power sources. 

Our technicians can then complete the testing/calibration/inspection of your equipment within their van or demarcated testing zone, and place the equipment back in the same area, to be collected by your workers once completed.

If you have additional precautions you would like our technicians to take at your site, please advise our office so we can communicate this with our technicians before they arrive on site. 

Lab Drop Zones

We have created drop zones near the entries of all labs where your staff can place their equipment and complete their own drop off paper. At these drop zones, there are also forms to collect relevant client information which can be completed by you. While our staff will be available at all times, these zones ensure a safe distance can be kept between our staff and your staff, should this be a requirement for your organisation.

Couriers must use these drop zones for pick up and drop off.

Social Distancing between Techs and Office Staff

In order to reduce the risk of the virus spreading within our business, and then to other stakeholders (customers, public) – we will be minimising the contact between office staff and technicians. Technicians picking equipment up, or dropping equipment off to an MTC lab, will use the drop zones mentioned above and not enter the premises unless absolutely necessary for operational reasons. 

Continuity of Service

In order to ensure no interruption to our critical services, we have increased arrangements with subcontractors, and hired additional casual employees, to ensure we can meet all of our testing/calibration/inspection obligations to clients – even if some of our workforce becomes ill and/or quarantined. 


We would also like to reassure everyone that as part of our normal business practices, we keep a detailed visitor log of all customers attending our locations, and also vehicle GPS logs of our staff attending customer locations. Should the event arise, these may be helpful to Australian Government Department of Health staff, to trace back at-risk persons who have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case.

We continue to monitor the Australian Government Department of Health and World Health

Organisation communications to address the appropriate level of response to this developing situation. 

The health, welfare and wellbeing of our employees is just as important to us as the health, welfare and wellbeing of your employees.  We have carefully considered these control measures to ensure that we are vigilant and proactive.

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