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Since the inception of the Google age, compliance obligations have changed significantly.

In the past, it was not unusual for some people to cut corners or do things in the wrong way unknowingly or in the hope that no one noticed. This attitude was particularly applicable to niche topics such as arc flash, testing and calibration and personal protective equipment, where expert advice wasn’t particularly easy to find. If something was to go wrong, and the party was non-compliant, it was easier to evade punishment on the basis that no one directly related to the incident knew any better.

For example, in the past if a party decided not to test or calibrate regularly (or were only doing basic in house checks) if something was to go wrong, there were a number of explanations that could excuse their lack of compliance. Now, post Google, a quick search can reveal tens or hundreds of documents (Standards, Regulations, Codes of Practice, Guidelines) that recommend proper test methods, recommendations and test frequencies. An investigator, coroner, lawyer or insurance assessor who is not an expert in the electrical industry or testing or calibration, can use this information to prosecute or reject insurance claims. They can become highly educated on any topic, even those that are niche, very quickly. They can also access expert witnesses from anywhere in the world, on just about any topic.

People can therefore no longer plead ignorance and assume that they won’t get caught or that those involved didn’t know any better. With endless resources at our fingertips in the Google age, condemning information is sometimes only a click away! An investigator, coroner, lawyer or insurance assessor can very quickly determine whether compliance responsibilities were met (or have the resources to cross-check with an expert on the topic who can determine).

Don’t risk it. Test today.

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