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Why Regular Equipment Inspections Are Essential

With every business relying on its equipment to be safe at all times, ensuring it undergoes regular inspections by an experienced team is absolutely critical. Whether you’re working with lifting, height safety, fall arrest, or arc flash equipment, ensuring they are in safe working order needs to be your number one priority. Mobile Test ‘n’ … Read more

Tips for Choosing Quality Calibration Services

When you rely on a company for your calibration, you want to know that quality technical service is being performed. If the company you choose is not up to the task, the safety and compliance risks are high. We’ve provided some tips to help you ensure the calibration services you choose are top quality. Here … Read more

5 Benefits to Onsite Calibration

Equipment calibration is a frequent, necessary step in keeping your business compliant and your employees safe. If you’re struggling with the constant upkeep of different equipment or the time it takes to have them calibrated effectively, why not consider an onsite service? Here are 5 benefits to choosing onsite calibration services.  Why would you calibrate … Read more

How Insulated Mats Protect You in High-Voltage Environments

Working with electricity and high-voltage equipment is a naturally risky environment. It’s essential that protective equipment is used to minimise these risks after other hierarchies of control have been followed of course. In this blog, we’ll discuss the properties of insulated mats and how they can protect you from high-voltage injuries. Explaining insulated mats An … Read more

Environmental Sustainability in the Field Service Industry

With Earth Day having just been for another year, I thought it was topical to looking into environmental sustainability in the field service industry. What Negative Impacts are Common in our Industry? By our very nature, field services businesses like Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal require many vehicles, significant petrol or diesel usage, and from time-to-time, … Read more

Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal Achieves NATA

Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal has been awarded NATA accreditation. This sits alongside our dual SAI Global Certification (ISO9001 and AS4801), for both safety and quality – making us the most accredited Testing, Calibration and Inspection company in Australia and New Zealand.  You can find more information on our Scope of Accreditation here: https://www.mobiletestncal.com.au/about/accreditation/ Being NATA Accredited, we now offer full … Read more

Keeping Queensland Electrical Linesmen Safe

Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal have been awarded the contract to test and calibrate all equipment for Energy Queensland, the amalgamation of Ergon and Energex, ensuring the safety of electrical linesmen and other electrical workers state-wide.   Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal started its life in 2009 after CEO and Founder, Andre Borell, saw that the electrical … Read more

Meet the team: Tracy

What is your job?Thank You Manager What is the favourite part about working for Mobile Test n Cal? It’s an excellent place to work. Great culture, hard-working colleagues & wonderful customers. If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day?Maybe the Queen, as long as I got to ride some of her … Read more

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day!

Things we do take very seriously: Quality, Convenience and ComplianceThings we don’t take very seriously: OurselvesHappy Australia Day!

Posted by Mobile Test 'n' Cal on Monday, January 22, 2018

Happy Australia Day from everyone at Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal!