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High Voltage Testing is required at regular intervals to ensure that the insulation to a power source is providing adequate protection. To do this test a piece of equipment called a hot stick is required, however it is important that the hot stick is maintained, not just for safety (which is imperative) but also to extend the life of the equipment. Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal have put together 5 tips to help you extend the life of your hot stick.

Daily checks & scheduled routine inspections

Clean and inspect your hot stick before use. This means check the surface for scratches, cracks, dents, excessive wear, burn marks, blistering or signs of electrical tracking. Your hot stick should also be tested regularly to ensure volts are at an acceptable level. 

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your hot stick will rid your device of any contamination on the surface, protect the finish and, most importantly, keep the user safe. There’s a range of disposable silicone wipes that can be used to clean your hot stick to remove the dirt and moisture from its surface, so ensure you get into the habit of cleaning your hot stick after every use. 

Wax after cleaning

Use two coats of fibreglass wax after each clean to retain the finish of your hot stick. This will help protect your tool and maintain a glossy surface which is imperative to the function of the hot stick and the safety of the user.  

Handle with care

Make sure your hot stick is handled with care. This is just as important as cleaning your hot stick regularly because allowing it to touch dirt or dropping the device can lead to defects. 

Store your hot stick correctly

Protective tubes and bags are available to ensure that your hot sticks are safe, secure and not damaged whilst transporting them. When storing your hot stick, use storage racks to make sure they stay in a good condition.

Your hot stick is an important piece of equipment and must be looked after for the safety of its users. So, take the time to follow these 5 tips and extend the life of your hot stick. 

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