5 Reasons Regular Testing of Electrical Gloves, Sleeves & Mats is Essential

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Electrical PPE and insulated equipment requires regular testing, at least every 6 months. This may feel too often, but it’s important to maintain this schedule for the safety of your workers and the compliance of your business. Here are 5 reasons to regularly test your electrical gloves, sleeves and mats.

Reason 1: Safety

Insulated equipment and PPE are designed to keep your personnel safe. Put simply, if you skip a scheduled test, you’re putting your workers at risk. The costs and downtime required for regular testing are minimal when you weigh up the risks of not doing so.

Reason 2: They cannot be visually checked

Some equipment can be visually inspected for signs of damage before use. Electrical gloves, sleeves and mats are not suitable for visual inspections. They need to be verified for use through proper HV testing procedures. Inspecting electrical equipment for damage is still recommended however, you should not rely on this method alone. 

Reason 3: Compliance

There are international standards that businesses in every industry must comply with to avoid fines. With a consistent testing schedule, you’ll never be in the grey area when it comes to compliance and the safety of your staff. Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal hold multiple accreditations and certificates which allow us to provide safe, compliant testing and calibration to the electrical industry and many others. 

Reason 4: Helps maintain their lifespan

All equipment degrades over time but if detected early some defects may be fixed and the lifespan of your product maintained or extended. With a consistent testing and maintenance schedule, you can ensure the full lifespan of your electrical PPE by addressing any defects sooner.

Reason 5: Know when to replace

To ensure the safety of your workers it’s important to replace old equipment. With a consistent testing schedule, you’ll be able to track how long a piece of equipment has been in-service and know more accurately when it’s time to be replaced.

Convenient onsite testing with Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal

With onsite testing and calibration, Mobile Test ‘n’ Cal minimise the downtime required for you to keep your business up to standard. We work with companies throughout Australia and New Zealand to provide convenient, comprehensive high voltage testing. To arrange your next test, call 1300 662 119 in Australia or 0800 123 682 in New Zealand. You can also submit our online form.

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