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Periodic testing of Insulated EWP Trucks

Electrically Insulated EWP Trucks require regular, 6 monthly, re-testing as per AS/NZS1418.10:2011 to ensure the insulation properties are still providing protection to workers in the bucket. They also require a higher level of testing, known as Acceptance testing every 10 years, and also after an incident or rebuild. Read more


It has been out since 2011, but there is still much confusion about the implications of AS4836 (AS/NZS4836:2011) on the entire electrical industry. The largest changes from a safety perspective, and in particular that of personal protection, come in the area of Arc Flash protection. Read more

How to use social media to get more business

In this digitally advanced world, every business should maintain a strong social media presence to achieve success. Success is not measured in how many likes or shares, success is measured in how many leads or customers you gain from social media. If you are looking to create an impact on your target audience’s mind, and...
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Expanded Service Scope

  Our Head Office Lab in Queensland is now offering quite a wide variety of non-electrical calibration services. Below is a list of every non-electrical calibration service currently available at our head office Lab in Queensland: (more…)...
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