Monthly Archives: November 2014

QLD Safety Regulations making your head hurt? We’re here to help!

This edition of POWERtalk is aimed mainly at our QLD customers, but also has some valuable insight for anyone in the Industry, no matter what state you’re in. The main intention is to clarify changes in the testing and calibration section of the Queensland Electrical Safety Act 2002, and also the new Queensland Electrical Safety Regulation...
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Buried in paperwork? The time to go paperless is NOW!

How many folders of filed paperwork do you have in the office or in storage? If the answer is lots, technology has enabled us to eliminate that from our business, and go entirely paperless. Paperwork is the burden of most businesses, and the thorn in the side of any admin team member, electrician, and even owner...
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POWERtalk is go!

Welcome, to the all-new POWERtalk from Mobile Test n Cal. We aim to bring you short, sharp, informative and helpful articles to help you run your electrical business, or be better at your role in the electrical industry. It is NOT going to be all about our business or service, with constant bragging and self-serving adverts. ...
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